About Us

What makes Valerie Concepts unique?

Valerie Concepts is perhaps the only online store from Singapore promoted by fashion designers. Moreover, we have been successfully running real fashion stores at Singapore’s premium malls for the past 9 years. This makes a huge difference to the way we approach fashion as compared to pure online stores. Since we come from the ‘Brick and Mortar’ world of fashion we have our finger on the pulse of the latest vogues and trends. We also have the flexibility to change the designs as soon as the flavour of the season changes.

We have a vast experience in Fashion Design with our in-house design facility. Our design team lead by Ms. Valerie has been designing women’s fashion garments for a number of years. This gives us insights into what works and what doesn’t. Also when we select the merchandise of other designers, we are, therefore, very choosey. We don’t want to burden you with thousands of designs that you may ultimately reject! We’d rather save your precious online time by showing you only those unique pieces you would fall in love with.


Our design philosophy

We strongly believe that fashion in Asia, especially in the ASEAN, has come of age. We take pride in thinking of ourselves as the torch bearers of ASEAN haute couture. Our base in Singapore’s multi-ethnic society gives us a unique advantage. We absorb and expertly blend in our designs Korean, Japanese, Indian, Arabic and Malay cultural influences. 

Singapore is a frontrunner in this new fashion renaissance and we are proud to be Singapore Fashion Evangelists.


Our Designer

Valarie has been our Designer since the inception of our offline stores in Singapore. Being a Singaporean, she understands the soul cravings of a woman born and brought up in this part of the world. Valerie has a natural talent and has done exceedingly well in just following her design instincts without any formal training. The fact that she lends her name to her label speaks volumes of her confidence in her work.

Valerie treats her pieces of creation as if they were snippets of a heart-to-heart conversation with her close friends. She uses bold colours and stunning design patterns that are deeply rooted in tradition. Yet her creations look absolutely global. She treats a woman’s body as an artist’s canvas and no wonder Valerie simply creates fashion magic with her bold imagination.

Valerie’s own designs and selections find instant connection with women from every walk of life. The reason behind this effortless communication is because she is just like every other woman out there. She, therefore, understands the dreams, aspirations and the endeavours of an ordinary woman who wants to make it big in the world out there totally on her own merit. Yet look attractive, pretty and desirable!  

Valerie took up many jobs in the real world as a Customer Care executive, Retail Saleswoman and Real Estate marketer prior to joining her husband in the fashion industry. The fact that she has seen life from close quarters is her biggest design strength reflected amply in her creations.


Who we are

Valerie is a first generation entrepreneurs. She took the bold step of setting up their first small shop at Far East plaza, Singapore. Thanks to all the strong support from various walk of customers ,from there Valerie went on to set up nine stores at some of the most prominent malls in Singapore. They believe in hard work, honesty and team spirit.

Valerie and Co have always believed that there is a vast market out there for the ASEAN fashion. Therefore, rather than aping the Western trends they took the initiative of creating their own designs that are simply popular amongst the regulars at their stores. Along with their own designs they promote designs from other vendors who have same vision.

They now want to display their choicest selections in the online world.


Our value proposition

Valerie Concepts believes that looking dazzling need not burn a hole in your pocket. We have always brought great fashions to our customers at unbelievably reasonable prices. (Shhh…. that’s once secret you need not share with your friends!)  

We offer you the following unique advantages:

- We are not just retailers but designers too.

- We manufacture our products under tight supervision.

- We are confident and vouch for our quality.

- We change our designs frequently so that you are assured of buying the latest

- We able to pass on the cost savings to you thanks to our smart manufacturing practices

- We have customizable fashion options which means you can always mix and match two pieces and still look stunning


*T&C apply


We started out in the late 2003 at Far East Plaza with our first outlet called Valerie CORNER in a 200 square feet store.

Valerie U@ Far East Plaza - 1st outlet in late 2003 .


Valerie U@ Hitachi Tower located in Raffles Place – 2nd outlet in 2005.


Valerie U@ Heeren – 3rd outlet in 2006.


Valerie U@ Vivocity – 4th outlet in 2006



Valerie U@ Heeren – 5th outlet in 2007


Valerie U@ Tampines Mall – 6th outlet in 2008,


Valerie U@ Jurong 2 – 7th outlet in 2009.


Valerie U@ Parkway Parade – 8th outlet in 2009. 


After 9 years ………………… The 9th outlet

Our 1st online store (Coming Soon!) Fashion online …..

We are going full steam ahead into becoming an online-based fashion store!

www.velarie.sg will be ready in Dec 2012

We are excited about this concept as we are able to provide more product range and keeping the price affordable.

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